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Monthly Archives: July 2021


After Divorce Can My Ex Move Away With My Kids?

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

One of the most painful issues in many divorces revolves around custody and visitation.  When both parents adore their kids, it is incomprehensible to a non-custodial parent that daily interactions will be cut short.  Even worse is the thought of the custodial parent leaving town altogether, which would alter visitation in unimaginable ways.  What… Read More »

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Post-Divorce Problems With The Parenting Plan

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

Your divorce was finalized, and you thought the hard part was over.  Unfortunately, your former spouse is less than cooperative when it comes to living up to the terms of the parenting plan, and it’s making your life miserable. You’ve tried to talk it out, but gotten nowhere, and you feel powerless and frustrated. … Read More »

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The Divorce Numbers That May Surprise You

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

So you’ve heard that one out of every two marriages in the United States ends in divorce.  Pretty harrowing statistics, right?  But before you become too overwhelmed with the dismal numbers, you should acquaint yourself with a few more statistics. Who knows—maybe you’ll find out something that surprises you! News You Didn’t Expect  For… Read More »

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Strangulation: A Predictor Of Greater Violence

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

If you are a victim of domestic violence (DV), you have likely suffered in silence for some time.  The various aspects of this tragedy include verbal and emotional abuse, often accompanied by hitting, kicking, biting, burning, throwing things, and strangulation.  Sadly, studies indicate that for victims of strangulation, the chances of greater violence, including… Read More »

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