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Monthly Archives: February 2023


Are Your Kids Unsafe With Your Ex?

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

You’ve survived a tough divorce, but the hard times are not behind you.  That’s because the court order specifies that you share your children with their other parent—someone you deeply believe is unfit for the demands of the job.  Every time your kids head over there, you worry until you’re completely frayed.  What can… Read More »

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Don’t Make These Money Mistakes During And After Divorce

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

The financial costs of divorce can be significant.  While the median amount needed in the country is around $7,000 to cover attorney and court costs, it doesn’t take much for that number to balloon to something much less pleasant—with complex, contested divorces reaching the tens of thousands of dollars. What’s more, all too often… Read More »

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Virtual Visitation In Florida Divorce

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

If you are the noncustodial parent in a Florida divorce, you may be concerned about maintaining contact with your children. Parenting plans lay out specifics regarding visitation, and, in some cases, virtual visitation can minimize some of the challenges busy or long-distance families have. With nearly 35 million kids in this country living with… Read More »

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Addressing Biological Paternity Questions In Florida

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

While it’s pretty clear who the biological mother of a child is, establishing paternity can sometimes be a little more complex.  Paternity can be a touchy issue when two men both believe they are the biological father of a child; it’s not any easier when a woman believes a particular man is the father… Read More »

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