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Considerations to Make Before Finalizing Your Florida Custody Agreement


Though custody laws vary from state to state, the emotional pain and headache that comes with sharing custody of a child with another parent in another household is universal. Most parents across the nation know the pain of not being able to spend Christmas morning with their little ones, or of not being able to celebrate a child’s birthday on the day of, or of having to go an entire week during the summer without seeing the sun-kissed smiles of their children. Though custody agreements are designed to make things as easy as possible for children, they often do the exact opposite for parents. At WiseLieberman, PLLC, we understand that the easier the situation is for a set of parents, the easier it will be for the parties’ children.

Our Boca Raton child custody lawyers advise parents throughout the entire custody agreement drafting process and ensure that the final order contains provisions regarding situations that parents often face after divorce. By addressing future complications ahead of time, divorced parties can refer to the agreement for guidance, rather than argue their way toward a solution with which neither ends up happy. This post details some provisions we common recommend divorcing parties to consider.

Holidays and Special Dates 

Parenting Plans under Florida law provide for different options for a holiday schedule all of which can be customized to suit both parents’ and the child’s schedules. If you and the other party do not sit down to draw up a holiday schedule, the courts will make one for y ou, which could result in you missing out on parenting time for one or more specific holidays each year. By addressing the issue of holidays and special dates, you can ensure that you have ample opportunity to spend special dates and holidays with your child.

Travel and Vacations 

Travel and vacations are often a hotly contested issue AFTER the final custody agreement has been finalized. For instance, the one  parent may wish to take his or her child on a week-long vacation in the summer, but the other parent refuses to grant his or her permission. Without permission, and without a custody agreement granting addressing vacations (or specifying when those rights can be acted upon), the parties must follow the parenting plan.

You can prevent this from happening by specifying how far in advance trips need to be planned, how much advance notice is required, , and who is and is not allowed to fly with the child.

Extended Family and Friends

Schedule Changes 

It is not uncommon for parents to need to rearrange their schedules to accommodate other responsibilities throughout the year. Married parents do it, so it predictable that divorced parents will need accommodations as well. Your custody agreement should specify how far in advance notice of changes are needed, and what each parent should do in the event of an emergency change to the schedule.

Work With a Knowledgeable Custody Attorney 

Despite the fact that the law allows modifications to custody orders, it is not an easy process, especially when, other than a few hiccups, everything seems to operate smoothly under the agreement. If you anticipate an issue cropping up in the future, your best bet would be to address it upfront, before the agreement is finalized. You can save yourself considerable headache, time, and money by doing so. An experienced Boca Raton child custody lawyer is familiar with common post-divorce challenges and can advise you on what provisions can help you smoothly navigate them. Contact WiseLieberman, PLLC, today to schedule your initial consultation.



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