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Boca Raton Divorce & Family Lawyer
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Board Certification is the highest level of
evaluation by The Florida Bar of the
competency and experience of attorneys in
the areas of law approved for certification.
As of 2020, only 276 attorneys are Board
Certified in Marital & Family Law in the
State of Florida.

& Families Through Difficult Times

Our mission is to take the
anxiety out of the process by
giving you complete knowledge
and control of the process.

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Guide You
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Our firm guides families and
individuals through the legal
system every single day.

Of Your

We handle the legal
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handle your life.

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5 Stars

Helped Me Through a Tough Time

Andrew helped me through a tough time in my life. Andrew made me feel comfortable and confident and I trust him with my case.

[read more] Fabiola D.
5 Stars

Todd Wise was amazing to work with through...

A real professional in every way and one of the best I have ever worked with.

Todd handled all aspects of my divorce from start to finish. There was no passing of duties to less experienced associates. There was never a need to refresh my circumstances over and over again. He knew my case...

[read more] Daniel D.
5 Stars

Excellent representation and litigation

Excellent representation and litigation experience with Board Certified Attorney Lieberman in settling my recent divorce!

[read more] Austin T.
5 Stars

These guys are nothing short of top notch

Andrew and Todd were great from the beginning. Both very professional and the way they work together is like they have been doing this forever. Never steered me wrong once! After a few meetings I can tell I wasn’t just a client. I was someone they actually cared about. These guys are nothing short...

[read more] Jason L.
5 Stars

Andrew is definitely one of the best

Andrew is definitely one of the best family attorneys out there. I would highly recommend him and Todd. Difficult situations happen, but being with the right professionals make it all better. Thank you!

[read more] JB R
5 Stars

Thank you to this firm for helping me...

I am finding it difficult to even put into words how grateful I am for the work Todd put into my family law case. From returning phone calls on weekends, to filing emergency documents in the middle of the night, he was there with me every step of the way. I heard from many friends their lawyers were...

[read more] Amy
5 Stars

I had an excellent experience with Todd Wise

He communicates thoroughly and effectively. He worked expeditiously to resolve my case. He was very flexible and made modifications to his normal processes to accommodate the COVID 19 crisis. From our first consultation to the end of my case, he worked to achieve my desired outcome. He also works...

[read more] Danielle
5 Stars

Painful divorce made as easy as possible

Todd was recommended to me by a friend in the industry and I could not be happier with my decision to hire Todd to handle my divorce. He was genuinely concerned with the outcome of my case and I could tell, as a family man, the outcome of my divorce was important to him. I'm sure he isn't the...

[read more] Ray
5 Stars

Andrew did an exceptional job

Andrew did an exceptional job representing me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to friends.

[read more] Rob M.
5 Stars

Todd was incredible.

Todd was incredible. I had a very challenging case, I was overwhelmed and confused. His rich experience in law made this incredibly difficult case easier to digest. Starting with my first meeting with Todd, his professionalism and compassion came thru. He was available, easy to talk to, and very...

[read more] Les B
5 Stars

Andrew is a great attorney.

He is very honest, responsive, knowledgeable, and sharp. I won't hesitate to hire him. I highly, highly recommend him.

[read more] Eve
5 Stars

Chooses Quality Over Quantity.

From the moment my divorce started, I knew I would needed somebody I could trust. Todd Wise was the best possible choice I could have made. The opposing counsel was doing everything they could to destroy my name and make me look like a criminal but Mr. Wise and his counsel kept me calm and helped...

[read more] Clifford
5 Stars

Highly recommended.

Andrew S Lieberman was fantastic to work with. He is very knowledgeable, responsive, efficient, and thorough. Highly recommended.

[read more] Lane B.
5 Stars

The Man for the Job!

Todd is excellent in his profession and truly helps the client through a tough time such as divorce. He is a excellent listener, explains the process in great detail and was a true asset to me throughout my divorce filing. The communication was direct, concise and easy to follow. I would recommend...

[read more] Ryan
5 Stars

I would absolutely recommend Mr. Todd Wise.

If you’re looking for an honest transparent attorney he’s your man. In addition he is a pleasure to work with through a very painful and difficult time.

[read more] Rich M.
5 Stars

His skills and attention to detail is...

I cannot express the gratitude I have for Todd. His skills and attention to detail is excellent. I have never met someone as competent in ones profession as Todd. He returns calls and emails with speed, and is always there when you need him. The experience of going through a divorce is painful...

[read more] David K.
5 Stars

We got the end result we asked for and...

I hired Todd for a personal matter involving my child. He was able to step right in, give me the attention needed and draft the needed action letter. In the end, his actions worked, we got the end result we asked for and it's a win for my daughter!

[read more] Kevin
5 Stars

Very understanding and supportive!

All of my questions were answered and I felt very comfortable. I will definitely be using Andrew.

[read more] Eric O.
5 Stars

Professional Care

Their Law firm handled my divorce with utmost professional care and logical advice.

[read more] Thomas M.
5 Stars

Very professional and courteous Law firm

Thank you so much for helping me through this process......it was very good to have your advice and support.....I highly recommend your firm's service and professional attitude.....I know that you will have a great future..... sincerely yours.

[read more] Thomas
5 Stars

Dream Team

Andrew came highly recommended from a member of the Plantation Chamber of Commerce. From our first meeting, I knew he was the attorney I needed. Shortly thereafter, Todd joined forces with Andrew and my dream team was created. I am posting the same review for both Andrew and Todd, they are partners...

[read more] Pamela
5 Stars


Very honest and straight forward. Returned every call I made to him. Made a stressful situation very easy. Would very highly recommend his services.

[read more] Gennaro
5 Stars

Two extremely knowledgeable attorneys

Two extremely knowledgeable attorneys who made you feel at ease during a difficult process. Would highly recommend them.

[read more] Chris K.
5 Stars

The Best Lawyer

Todd is a no nonsense guy. He takes his profession to the highest standards of professionalism and the results speak for them selves. I would hire him again and again and am truly blessed he is part of my team.

[read more] Peter
5 Stars

Many Thanks

I don't often write reviews but I am happy to go out of my way to say a few words about Todd and his partner Andrew. I hired them and they were both hands on, professional and thorough. In the event of another emergency, they are on my speed-dial. Thank you both!

[read more] Michael
5 Stars

Very helpful and knowledgeable

[read more] Flavia M.
5 Stars

Todd Is Excellent

Todd is an excellent layer. He did an amazing job I was very pleased with the results of my child support. I would definitely recommend him!!!!

[read more] Sandra
5 Stars


Andrew handled my case great explained everything to where he made sure I understood what every motion meant copied me on every email....I could not have made a better choice in lawyer shopping...

[read more] Paul
5 Stars

Excellent Experience

Excellent experience with a long drawn out case. Andrew is very paper smart, crosses all the T's and dots all the I's. He'll get you there.

[read more] Collette B.
5 Stars

Great Attorney

Todd and his law firm were truly amazing. I usually do not write reviews but my experience with Todd was exceptional and he really helped me through every step of the process. Todd is an excellent lawyer and always took the time to explain everything with patience. He also responded promptly all my...

[read more] Abe D.
5 Stars

Thank you!!

I can't recommend this firm and Todd Wise enough. We had an extremely different case and he handled it perfectly. I'm extremely pleased with the results and the effort Todd put in for me when I needed him to. Thank you!!

[read more] Shannon
*Prospective client may not obtain the same or similar results.

Boca Raton Divorce & Family Lawyer

Divorce and family law matters involve serious issues that impact your finances, property and family dynamics in the short-term and for years into the future. Getting family law done right the first time is critical to your immediate and long-term success. At Wise Lieberman, PLLC, we have the answers to your Florida family law questions. With 16 years of combined experience in the practice of family law, the Boca Raton divorce & family lawyers at Wise Lieberman, PLLC have the knowledge and skill to ably handle your divorce, child custody dispute, paternity suit or other family law matter ably and effectively. Contact us at our offices in Boca Raton and Plantation for help throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Comprehensive Family Law Services in Boca Raton

Count on Wise Lieberman, PLLC to provide thoughtful legal advice and skilled representation in a wide variety of family law areas, including any of the following:

Divorce – We can step you through the process of obtaining a simplified dissolution of marriage, or handle the most complex cases involving business valuations or high-conflict emotional disputes. From temporary orders at the outset of divorce through final judgment, our Boca Raton divorce lawyers provide strong and effective representation in any legal setting.

Alimony – Let our attorneys develop the facts and argue for or against an alimony award in your divorce, including temporary, bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational or permanent alimony awards.

Child Custody – We work with parents to create parenting plans and time-sharing schedules that last for the long-term and are easy to implement, understand and enforce. When agreement can’t be reached, we’re prepared to litigate based on the several factors courts look at to determine a custody arrangement in the best interests of the kids.

Child Support – Working your way through the Florida Child Support Guidelines is far from a cut-and-dried process of filling out forms. Our guidance helps ensure your part of the process is completed completely and accurately while also making sure your spouse is not underreporting income or hiding assets from the court. We’ll also be prepared to argue for or against any deviation from the guidelines amount that may be presented to the court.

Property Division – Florida law requires an equitable distribution of marital assets. Our attorneys understand the factors that go into determining when a property division may be unequal yet equitable. We’ll get into the details with you to devise a property settlement agreement that addresses all marital assets and debts, or we’ll litigate the matter in court if an agreement can’t be reached. Count on Wise Lieberman to locate and identify all assets and liabilities as marital or non-marital, and to accurately value even complex property like business valuations or interests in a retirement account or profit-sharing plan.

Modifications – If circumstances have changed since your divorce, we’ll take your case back to court and move for a modification of custody, support or other court orders. Our divorce lawyers can oppose such motions from the other party as well, including parental relocations. Wise Lieberman, PLLC can also help you with enforcement of child support, alimony or other court orders, or defend against claims that you are out of compliance.

Paternity– Fathers seeking to have an active role in their child’s life may find themselves shut out by the child’s mother, and then be shocked to learn they have no parental rights because the parents were not married when the child was born. There are several ways to establish paternity even years later; we stand up for the rights of fathers to partake in parenting and time-sharing, and for the rights of mothers to seek support from the father of their children.

Domestic Violence – Domestic violence can have a profound impact on the lives of everyone in the family and can even dictate how issues such as child custody or support play out in a divorce. Our knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys fight for your rights in divorce litigation and petitions for injunctions and restraining orders.

Mediation – For parties looking to resolve their marital dispute more efficiently and with lasting positive effects, mediation may be an affordable and effective solution. We’ll prepare you for mediation and offer advice and representation as needed to help you come to a resolution without having to litigate your case in court.

Your Boca Family & Divorce Lawyers, Here for You when You Need Us

Wise Lieberman maintains a strong client-driven focus in our Florida family law practice. Our attorneys are always available and accessible to our clients when they need us. Further, we strive to deliver high-quality legal services in an efficient and affordable manner. Our clients are satisfied with the results we obtain for them, with the way their case was handled, and with the value they received for our professional assistance. Call Wise Lieberman, PLLC at 561-488-7788 to schedule a consultation at our offices in Boca Raton and Plantation. Our Boca Raton divorce & family lawyers are here for you whenever you need us.

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