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What is the next step in your life?

You have spent hours thinking about your next step, contemplating what is next. You are tired of searching the internet for answers. You are ready to move forward with this process and start the next chapter in your life.

The next step is to meet with a professional focusing only in family law to learn about your rights and options for moving forward. If you are ready, call our firm to set up an appointment and put the process safely in your attorney’s hands.

Our firm is here to answer your questions.

  • Todd A. Wise, Esquire

    Todd A. Wise, Esquire

    Email: help@wiselieberman.com
    Phone: 561-488-7788
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  • Andrew S. Lieberman, Esquire

    Andrew S. Lieberman, Esquire

    Florida Board Certified in Marital & Family Law

    Email: help@wiselieberman.com
    Phone: 561-488-7788
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Breaking up is hard to do.

You remember like it was yesterday. You met, you fell in love, it was perfect. Things changed. The conversation made you feel awful, you feel the pit in your chest, and a queasy feeling in your stomach.

The feeling keeps you up at night; you hope that if you just get some sleep, things will be better in the morning. You think, things weren’t perfect, but they were normal, every relationship has difficult times.

You had your routines – making breakfast, getting the children to school. A long day at work, but very little time at home with the children at night. Once the children were in bed, you spent a few hours of reality television with your spouse or significant other. You spend some time shopping Amazon, Gilt, Best Buy, or catching up on some current events.

This isn’t a fairy tale relationship, but it is normal and comfortable.

Everything is about to change.

This is awful, why do they want to separate?

It seems like your life is spinning out of control. When the air conditioner breaks, you call an air conditioning company because they fix air conditioners all day, every day. They know everything about fixing your air conditioning, you don’t. You call the company, they fix air conditioner, you are done, crisis averted. You solved the problem; you are in control once again.

You know that you need to talk to an attorney for the same reason you need an air conditioning company. But this is your life, your family, your house, your retirement, your future. This is much bigger than an air conditioner.

You feel powerless, because you don’t know where to start and the research you have done on the internet gives you thousands of conflicting answers. None of the answers give you any resolution.

This is your life. Holidays with the family are changing. Your life savings, which you have painstakingly pinched every penny to save, needs to be protected. You want to talk to your parents and have them tell you everything is going to be ok. These things can’t just be fixed like an air conditioner, because nobody is an expert about your life except you.

But how do you move forward when the whole system is so complex?

You will never feel ready, but you should feel informed.

If you are reading this website, it is time to prepare. Starting the legal process without knowing your rights and options can lead to disaster and cost you much more in the long run. Your rights to things like equitable division of property and alimony can be waived if you are not careful. It is always easier and less expensive to do things correctly from the beginning than to clean up a mess at the end.

Even if you’re still on the fence about divorce or starting the legal process for child time sharing and child support, it is a very good idea to know your rights, obligations, and what is ahead.

Maybe you want to wait for the other person to make the first move. The few days you have between receiving a petition for dissolution of marriage or petition to establish paternity and being required to appear in court are not the time to be scrambling around to find an attorney that happens to be around.

It is time to move ahead.

You need real answers now, while you have time to think. Take control of your finances, your kids, and your future.

Family is the only law our firm handles.

Our firm guides families and individuals through the legal system every single day. We only handle divorce and family related issues. We don’t handle wills; we don’t handle traffic tickets; we don’t dabble. Our firm is solely focused on helping you and your family through this specific area of the law.

Our mission is to take the anxiety out of the process by giving you complete knowledge and control of the process. We handle the legal technicalities, you handle your life. We give you all the information and confidence you need to make decisions you need to move on with your life.

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