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Boca Raton Divorce & Family Lawyer
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Boca Raton Family Lawyer

The skilled and knowledgeable Boca Raton family lawyers at Wise Lieberman, PLLC provide sound advice and effective representation across a wide range of family law in Boca Raton and Plantation, including representation in divorce, paternity, domestic violence, family law mediation and prenuptial agreements. Learn more about the firm’s family law practice below, and contact Wise Lieberman, PLLC to schedule a confidential consultation or obtain immediate assistance with any Florida family law matter in Palm Beach or Broward County.

Florida Divorce

Divorce in Florida is no-fault, meaning one spouse does not have to prove that the other spouse violated some statutory ground for divorce through misconduct like adultery, cruelty or abandonment. Instead, the only ground required for a no-fault divorce is to demonstrate that the marriage is irretrievably broken and the spouse wants a divorce.

Either spouse can file for divorce if at least one of the spouses has been a Florida resident for at least six months. The divorce process begins by filing a petition for dissolution of marriage in the circuit court covering the county of residence, such as the 15th Judicial Circuit (Palm Beach) or the 17th Judicial Circuit (Broward). The petition is served on the other spouse, who files an answer with the court. The court will then order both spouses to make disclosures of income and property and may make orders for temporary relief at this time as well.

In a final judgment, the court will grant the divorce along with court orders regarding issues like alimony, child custody, child support and the equitable distribution of marital property. These matters can either be worked out between the spouses through negotiation or mediation, or litigated in court as needed.

The divorce lawyers at Wise Lieberman, PLLC represent clients through every aspect of their Florida divorce, including motions for post-divorce modifications in the event of changed circumstances such as a parental relocation, or if enforcement of court orders is needed.


Only a child’s legal father has the right to demand a share in child custody, including parenting and time-sharing. Likewise, only a legal father can be forced to pay child support. Unless the parents were married at the time when the child was born, paternity has not been established, and neither rights to custody nor responsibilities for support can be enforced. Our Florida paternity lawyers help fathers obtain paternity through court order or other means so they can be assured of an active role in their children’s lives.

Domestic Violence

The presence of domestic violence can lead to divorce, or it may erupt for the first time after a divorce is already underway. In either case, domestic violence can impact how courts rule on vital issues like child custody and alimony. The domestic violence attorneys at Wise Lieberman, PLLC are skilled and knowledgeable in the process for obtaining or challenging restraining orders and injunctions that can keep abuse victims safe while also keeping alleged abusers away from their home and family.

Family Mediation

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can be faster and less expensive than litigating contested issues in court. Mediation is also a private proceeding, allowing parties to keep their divorce or other family law matter out of the public eye. Further, mediation offers the benefit of enabling both parties to take an active role in the resolution of their dispute, meaning they are much more likely to be satisfied with the result and voluntarily implement it without the need of going to court for enforcement. Contact our able Boca Raton mediation attorneys to discuss the possibility of using mediation in your Florida divorce, child custody dispute or other family law matter.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial, or premarital, agreements allow prospective spouses to decide in advance how issues like the division of property or payment of alimony will be decided in the event the couple later splits up. Prenuptial agreements are often favored when there is a large disparity in wealth between the two individuals prior to marriage, and neither party wants to be taken advantage of in case of divorce. Couples also desire prenups when one or both have been married before and went through a difficult break-up, and they wish to avoid another bitter court battle. They may also have children from a previous marriage, and they want to ensure that their inheritance rights will not be negatively impacted by a second marriage. Whatever the reason, a prenuptial agreement can help a couple enter marriage with security and peace of mind.

There are many requirements to make a prenuptial agreement valid and enforceable, and poorly-drafted agreements are subject to attack in court if they are ever needed. The Boca Raton family lawyers at Wise Lieberman provide professional assistance in negotiating and drafting solid prenuptial agreements and can also review agreements drafted by others to ensure your rights and interests are adequately protected and represented in the agreement.

Our Boca Raton Family Lawyers are Ready to Help You with Your Florida Family Law Matter

For help with any Florida family law matter in Palm Beach or Broward County, contact Wise Lieberman, PLLC at our offices in Boca Raton and Plantation to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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