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An Amicable Divorce Is Possible


If you are contemplating divorce and are concerned about the difficulties ahead, it’s an indication that you have a realistic view of the situation.  That being said, divorce does not always have to be contentious—and there are plenty of celebrity divorce cases we can point to in order to prove that point!

Smooth Hollywood Divorces

 Divorce is bad enough, without having the whole thing on the front page of tabloids across the world!  But there are a lot of celebrity marriages that have ended on a conciliatory—if not friendly note:

  • Bruce Willis & Demi Moore: Topping the list of celebs who handled themselves beautifully after divorce, this famous duo still celebrates important days together, and even vacations all together.  The kids have appreciated never having to worry about splitting time in different households for important events.
  • Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow: While the romance is long over, the friendship between these two lives on. They, too, have vacationed together with their two kids, and remain close even five years post-divorce.
  • Russell & Kimora Lee Simmons: Here’s something a bit unusual:  after their divorce, Kimora Lee remarried and named Russell as the godfather of her son with the new hubby. Not only that—Kimora Lee’s new husband is now Russell’s business partner, and the whole gang – including Russell’s new spouse–vacations together.
  • JLo & Marc Anthony: 10 years of marriage ended, but the friendship didn’t.  This famous couple still manages to perform together onstage, and are frequently seen together hanging out with their twins.
  • Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: This famous couple chose to live in separate houses on the same piece of property in order to give their kids the opportunity to be near both parents.  They’ve committed to keeping things amiable and utilized mediation to keep things smooth, and have even shared holidays and birthdays so the kids could enjoy the family together.

You, too, can have an Amicable Divorce 

It may sound impossible—but the truth is anyone can have an amicable divorce with a few simple commitments:

  • Understanding the Pain Your Ex is Experiencing: Divorce can hurt in unexpected ways.  Have empathy for your spouse, who may be struggling to handle a household without help, or may be missing the kids, or may be facing any number of unfamiliar challenges due to the split.
  • Get Support! Find people who will help you without judging you. Instead of spending time blaming you or your ex for the divorce, spend time with friends and family who will help you move forward.
  • Compromise: Your lawyers don’t have to hammer out every detail of your divorce agreement.  Sit down and have some honest conversations, ready to make concessions sometimes. There simply doesn’t have to be a fight every step of the way.
  • Think Long-term: Sure, it might seem to make sense to make demands today, but in the long run perhaps you’d be better off giving up a few things that won’t seem all that important down the road. Focus on the happiness of you and your family.

The Legal Part 

Now we get to the legal part of divorce—and here the experienced Boca Raton divorce lawyers at WiseLieberman are prepared to get you through it with as little fuss as possible.  Whether things are going smoothly or there are major disagreements, we will advocate for you and seek your desired outcomes.  To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.

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