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Are You Worried About Foul Play In Your Divorce?


While no divorce is pleasant, some can get pretty ugly.  Spouses who believe they are the victim of cheating and whose hearts have been broken can be pretty bitter, motivating them to engage in some dastardly behavior.  But it doesn’t take an unfaithful spouse to produce bad behavior in a divorce; some people will go there regardless of the circumstances. That’s why having an experienced, effective divorce attorney working on your behalf is absolutely essential.

If You’re Concerned… 

The first rule you need to live by in this type of divorce is this: avoid provoking your spouse at all costs.  That means:

  • Don’t take the bait in verbal confrontations;
  • Don’t parade your new love interest around;
  • Keep social media accounts clean or eliminate them all together;
  • Treat your spouse with respect in all situations.

And Watch Out for… 

There are plenty of mean and underhanded things someone can do to try to make your life miserable. Keep an eye out for some of these:

  • Having credit cards canceled: It’s been done, and leaves you in an uncomfortable situation when your card won’t cover your latest dinner out or tank of gas.  Avoid issues by opening new accounts in your own name and canceling joint cards.
  • Draining joint accounts: If possible, create a separate checking/savings account before your spouse has a chance to suck your finances dry!
  • Attempts to embarrass you: What fun to serve you divorce papers at work! Some spouses will do whatever they can to make you miserable in social settings or at the office. The only thing you can do is roll with the punches and refrain from dramatic reactions.
  • Putting the kids in the middle: Plenty of people try to become the favorite parent early on in divorce by telling them about all of your perceived sins.  Combat this by demonstrating respectful behavior and supporting the kids.
  • Making false accusations: One of the worst possible scenarios involves having the children involved in accusations of misconduct against you.  Here’s where you’ll definitely need an aggressive attorney and access to child psychologists and other support services.
  • Moving the kids out of state: Punishing you by keeping you away from the kids is a vindictive act that oftentimes works against them when it comes time for the court to make custody decisions.  Keep calm, keep your attorney in the loop, and methodically work toward a solution.

Handling the Worst 

It may seem insurmountable at times, but if you keep your cool and remain above the fray, it’ll say a lot to a judge.  At WiseLieberman, our dedicated Boca Raton divorce attorneys are prepared to help you through the worst moments and enjoy the satisfaction of the best possible outcomes for you.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.



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