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Avoid this Costly Mistake in Your Divorce


You and your spouse don’t see eye to eye, which has ultimately led you to conclude that divorce is the best option moving forward. But splitting up means more than simply going your separate ways: you’re also going to have to divide up assets, bills, and time with the kids. You two can choose to handle things with civility, or you can turn it into a nightmarish— and expensive experience.

How Much Do You Want to Pay? 

You may not realize it, but being hard headed, or even mean, can cost you big dollars in a divorce. That’s because a typical uncontested divorce can run between just $1,500 to $5,500, while you can spend up to 100 times that amount if the divorce is a messy one. That’s because divorce attorneys generally charge by the hour, and if they have to slog through a bunch of tiny little disputes, it’s going to cost you. So do you want to part with tens of thousands of dollars to get this done just so you can satisfy the urge to stick it to your spouse, or do you want to behave yourself and hang on to your cash?

Set the Tone 

By controlling your emotions, you can communicate more successfully with your soon-to-be ex and resolve petty disputes rather than pushing your attorney into the fire over every single disagreement. So how do you rein in your feelings of anger, frustration, or vengefulness, and communicate effectively with someone you’ve had trouble connecting with all along?

  • Recognize that calm waters are much easier to navigate—and approach communications only when you feel able to be cordial. If you’re upset, postpone.
  • Communicate only when it’s absolutely necessary in an effort to limit opportunities for problems to develop.
  • Maintain a level and respectful tone as much as possible, and avoid yelling at all costs.
  • Be willing to sacrifice some of the things that are important to you in order to come out sane on the other side of divorce. Compromise necessarily involves give and take, and you need to embrace that fact.
  • Privacy is important, so keep your divorce tribulations and any plans for a new life off of social media. There is simply no good reason to antagonize your spouse as you progress through a divorce.
  • Figure out the best way to communicate, whether that’s through email, phone calls, text, or in person. Then set boundaries and stick to them as to how often and in what manner communication will occur.
  • Avoid dragging up past issues; instead focus on current goals.
  • Never rely on family –especially your children– as go-betweens. If you just can’t successfully negotiate a particular issue with your spouse, consider mediation, or perhaps handing that specific matter off to the attorneys to handle.
  • Prepare for communications in advance, with the goal of demonstrating respect and kindness, especially when it comes to difficult topics.
  • Avoid making hasty decisions, instead taking time to think things through finalizing agreements after you’ve seriously considered your options.

 Your Advocates 

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