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Considerations When Choosing A Divorce Attorney


There are so many attorneys in the world that choosing the right one to handle your divorce may seem more overwhelming than the thought of the divorce itself!  How do you pick from the endless list of offices that claim to be just what you need?  Do you go with the name that has a nice ring to it?  Choose alphabetically?  How about picking the one whose office is closest to your workplace?  Maybe putting them all in a hat and randomly drawing one out makes the most sense?  The fact of the matter is, finding the best firm to represent you in a divorce depends on the specifics of your situation and needs.  This is a serious undertaking.  Finding the attorney with the experience, personality, and energy you’re looking for can make the coming months much easier for you.  Here are some things you might want to consider as you make your selection.

  • The Vibe: Do you get the feeling you are looking for when you’re in the office?  Different people have different needs, to be sure.  Do you want a straight shooter? Someone very empathetic? The personification of organization and professionalism?  Before contracting with anyone, have a sit-down and assess the way you feel about the attorney.
  • The Location: While you don’t necessarily need your attorney to be down the block, you do want one in the county who is familiar with the local personnel, procedures, and time requirements.
  • Specializations: If you are particularly concerned about particular aspects of your upcoming divorce, be sure the attorney you choose has experience in that area.  Perhaps you have a business you’re running that may have to be divided up, fears that custody and visitation discussions will be rocky, or worries that your spouse may wish to move out of state with the kids. Are you anxious about the possibility of concealed assets? Don’t hand these issues off to a novice.
  • Negotiating Skills: Divorce is a series of negotiations.  Neither party gets everything they may wish for, but a skilled negotiator knows how to bring home the bacon.
  • A Communication Plan: Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your attorney is dodging your calls.  What can you expect in terms of getting updates, getting phone calls returned, and otherwise communicating with your attorney?
  • Payment: What and how will you be charged?  Is it a flat fee?  An hourly fee?  Payments to be made over time, up front, or when it’s all said and done?  What additional costs might be coming your way if specialists such as a forensic accountant or a child psychologist are called in?

Advocating for You

At WiseLieberman, our focus is on providing satisfying legal work for our clients. Our Boca Raton divorce lawyers understand the many challenges of divorce, and are prepared to go to bat to achieve the best possible outcomes for you.  Contact us for a confidential consultation today.



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