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Dealing With Dirty Divorce Tactics


If you’re headed for a tough divorce, you should be aware of the fact that sometimes divorce can be a series of dreadful confrontations, underhanded antics, and unpleasant surprises.  If you happen to be unlucky enough to be in the middle of a divorce from someone who is very angry and spiteful, you may have questions; and we have answers!

Q:        My spouse had divorce papers served at my place of work to embarrass me. Is that legal?

A:         Yes, the papers can be served anywhere. People have been served as they celebrate their birthdays, lie sick in hospital beds, or enjoy a “clandestine” outing with a mistress.  When it comes to serving divorce papers, more or less anything goes. Now, is embarrassing your spouse a good first move? Probably not, since it’ll likely raise their hackles, which can make coming to agreement more difficult (translation: more expensive).

Q:        Does my spouse have the right to change the locks on the house while I’m away?

A:         Not under ordinary circumstances. There are a couple of circumstances that could warrant this kind of behavior: if they’ve already obtained an order from the court giving them exclusive rights to the home, OR if they’ve been the victim of domestic violence at your hands, and a protective order stipulates that you can’t come anywhere near the house.

Q:        Can my spouse drain our joint accounts prior to finalizing the divorce?

A:         Joint accounts belong to both of you and are a part of the assets to be divided in the divorce. On the legal front, you could claim there has been financial misconduct. A judge might award you more in the property settlement. There could be other compensatory measures or penalties to the offender if the court views the actions as an improper dissipation of assets, as well.

Q:        What can I do if my spouse spreads malicious, derogatory lies about me during the divorce?

A:         This is not uncommon, unfortunately.  Your best recourse is to request that the court order them to stop discussing you on social media and elsewhere.

Q:        I’m fairly certain that my spouse has more assets than the ones listed on the disclosure form, but I have no proof.  What can I do?

A:         Concealing assets is a whopping no-no in divorce.  Forensic accountants make their living by seeking out these kinds of activities, and, when they find hidden resources, it always turns out badly for the one doing the hiding. This kind of deception could result in being found in contempt of court, meaning the potential for hefty fines or even jail time, in addition to losing a chunk of the assets that are to be equitably distributed.

Keeping it Clean 

Divorce is unpleasant enough without having to deal with these kinds of brutal tactics. The best way to protect yourself from this kind of thing is to maintain your dignity, and make sure your lawyer is aggressively defending you.  At WiseLieberman you can count on ethical legal representation with aggressive advocacy for you. Contact our Boca Raton divorce lawyers for a confidential consultation today.

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