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Divorce in the Cyber Age


If you are getting a divorce and you believe it could get nasty, you may want to take a number of steps to protect yourself from the havoc of digital and cyber issues before even announcing your plans.  Having an antagonist looking through your private correspondence and browsing history, not to mention call logs and downloads, can endanger your prospects for a fair outcome in divorce, and social media posts can really do some damage to your reputation as well.  So before things progress too far, do what you can to mitigate problems your ex may be inclined to stir up.

Shared Data Issues 

Because most married couples have shared data plans these days, data is generally streamed and backed up in iCloud.  Having a common Apple ID, for example, could allow an interested ex to examine all kinds of personal data. Additionally, your physical presence can be tracked using a certain app. A snoopy spouse could uncover myriad facts about you, all unknown by you.

Non-disclosure Agreements 

When a divorce is particularly cantankerous, having a non-disclosure agreement in place can prevent your ex from divulging any of your dirty laundry on Instagram, Facebook, X, or other social networks. Generally, this type of NDA restricts negative posts about one another, including those relating to your social life, finances and business, your divorce, and other legal issues. Even posts related to your children are not allowed (unless mutually agreed upon).

Artificial Intelligence Concerns 

Now that we’ve entered the age of AI, a conniving spouse can make things pretty difficult if they’re willing to risk getting caught creating a deep fake. By simply downloading an app., data manipulation can occur quite easily, meaning your spouse could create “confirmation” of you saying or doing something even if it never really occurred.  Fortunately, digital forensic experts can uncover this type of con, so if you think it’s happened to you to make you look bad in front of the judge, just imagine how bad your ex will look once the fake is discovered and exposed!

Protect Your Phone

 If you and your spouse have shared accounts, passwords, or storage, know that access to your data is at risk. Head off any problems by taking actions early to protect yourself.  That means eliminating shared accounts like from email,  the cloud, games and phone services—by disabling or canceling them. If possible obtain a whole new phone and service provider.  Take steps on your phone to protect your privacy:

  • Keep your cell phone locked and have two-step authentication;
  • Provide software updates on schedule
  • Turn off location services;
  • Delete apps you don’t use;
  • Use only strong, unique passwords;
  • Be aware of a former spouse’s ability to access data about you through the kids’ phones;
  • Have dissimilar passwords for different apps and services.

Fighting for You 

At WiseLieberman, our Boca Raton divorce attorneys always fight for the best possible outcomes for you.  To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation today in our office.

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