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Domestic Violence Hits An Extreme


A jilted lover took matters into his own hands when his former girlfriend called it quits in Lake Wales.  After Kevin Cooper repeatedly harassed his ex, he ultimately showed up at the bar where she and a new boyfriend were enjoying themselves.  Cooper had a gun, and he used it to shoot the couple, seriously wounding the new lover and grazing his former girlfriend.  He then turned the gun on himself and died.  It was one more instance of untamed domestic violence ending in tragedy.  One report states that about one in five homicides in the Sunshine State are connected to domestic violence.

A Troubling History 

This was not Cooper’s first brush with domestic violence (DV).  An examination of his history reveals 11 former felonies, among them stalking, battery, and kidnapping, all charges of domestic violence.  Nonetheless, he apparently was not deterred by criminal prosecutions.

Florida DV 

According to the Florida Dept. of Children and Families, over 13,000 adults and children were sheltered from domestic violence in centers across the state last year.  Certainly, those are just the cases that have not been hidden behind locked doors.  Over 100,000 reports and nearly 65,000 arrests for domestic violence occur annually here in Florida, many for assault, aggravated assault, and stalking. While the most frequent calls for help come from cohabitants, it is not uncommon for domestic violence to occur involving those in former relationships. The data indicates these cases are on the uptick across the state, and frequently children are caught in the crosshairs of adult conflicts.

Another Tragedy 

Yet another incident dismayed friends and family: the case of Capucine Carson and her toddler daughter, Kimbella.  Both were gunned down by Carson’s husband, who had a criminal history of battery. Carson was killed, and Kimbella is recovering from critical injuries.  Her husband, like Kevin Cooper, killed himself.

Help is Available 

If hearing about these kinds of shootings makes your own situation feel like you’re on the precipice of disaster, it’s not too late to get help.  There are emergency shelters and hotlines, agencies that offer financial assistance, and a plethora of counseling, housing, and community education services.  Programs are offered in multiple languages and locations, so if you are being abused emotionally, physically, financially, or psychologically, reach out.  You are not alone.

Legal Protections 

At WiseLieberman, our Boca Raton domestic violence attorneys understand the pressure you’re under to get relief now.  We can help with a temporary restraining order which can get your abuser out of the house, address custody issues, and require counseling for your abuser.  If divorce is in your plans, we can advocate for you from beginning to end.  If you need help, contact us today for a confidential consultation in our Boca Raton office.




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