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Florida Requirements for Parents who Divorce


If you’re headed for divorce and are the parent of minor children, you should know that under Florida law, you’ll be required to meet some pretty stringent expectations prior to finalizing the divorce.  An experienced family law attorney can effectively help you navigate these rules.

Online Course 

For starters, you will need to register for and complete an online class. This 4-hour parenting course is designed to help you understand the impact of divorce on the family and will provide tips on transitioning to a new normal. The point is to enhance family stability in order to achieve positive outcomes for family members, as well as for communities, since research is clear about the impact of family instability on communities at large.  Topics in the class include:

  • Getting comfortable with the physical, social, and emotional transitions involved in divorce;
  • Familiarizing yourself with concepts related to shared parenting;
  • Understanding children and their reactions to this upheaval based on developmental stages;
  • Learning how to discuss the divorce and related fallout with children of different ages;
  • Becoming acquainted with visitation rules and thinking about how to put children first;
  • Exposing you to legal terminology and expectations related to divorce, custody, visitation, and support;
  • Looking over important information related to abuse.

Other Potential Requirements 

In some cases, additional requirements may face couples including:

  • One or both parents may be ordered to see a religious leader, psychologist, psychiatrist, or marriage counselor;
  • The court may continue the case for up to three months to give the couple the opportunity to explore the possibility of reconciliation;
  • Take other actions ordered by the court to benefit the parties and minor children.

Waiting for Finalization 

Even if your divorce isn’t final yet, the court can issue orders relating to parenting plans, child support, spousal support and maintenance, attorney’s fees, property issues, and education matters.

Child Support Determinations 

How is the amount of child support calculated?  The formulae is somewhat complicated, but, essentially, a non-custodial parent’s gross income, including things like disability benefits, rental income, pension, etc., is weighed against the custodial parent’s income, ability to work, and the number of children requiring support.  Both parents’ net incomes are combined, and the percentage of support from each is determined.  That amount may yet be adjusted based on a variety of factors, such as whether or not one parent has seasonal employment, whether a child experiences health issues that have extraordinary expense, and other unique circumstances.

Making it Work 

At WiseLieberman, our Boca Raton divorce attorneys understand the difficulties of divorce, particularly when children are involved.  We are here to help you throughout the entire process.  Contact our office today for a confidential consultation.

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