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Has Substance Abuse Destroyed your Marriage?


Is your spouse an addict?  Have you been dealing with the consequences of addiction to your marriage?  Perhaps you’ve experienced a range of emotions—anger, fear, frustration—finally getting to hope– only to be perplexed and exasperated all over again. If you have supported, sacrificed, encouraged, and policed your spouse, only to watch relapsing behaviors time and again, perhaps you’ve decided there’s nothing more you can do.  When divorce is your only option, a local experienced family law attorney can help you to move on.

Addictions Impacts on Relationships 

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction can be a harrowing experience.  It is impossible to understand the choices and decisions they make and agonizing to experience the disappearance of the one you once loved as someone entirely different takes their place.  Instead of your soul mate, now you find a vague outline of the spouse to whom you once so completely devoted.    You’ve seen first-hand the effects of addiction:

  • Blame: Your spouse finds a way to blame you for their problems;
  • Verbal attacks: You suffer frequent and inexplicable confrontations;
  • Lies: You are repeatedly manipulated and lied to as your spouse pursues their addiction and engages in a secret, unknown life;
  • Intimidation: You experience threats and intimidation, sometimes escalating into physical aggression;
  • Isolation: You find your spouse drifting further away emotionally leaving you feeling more alone than ever;
  • Personality changes: Instead of the person you married, you see someone who is selfish, motivated only by addiction, and unwilling or unable to retrieve the life you once knew.

You’ve Been Through the Wringer

These changes feel like a slap in the face.  It doesn’t matter your race, religion, economic status or sexual orientation: addiction is scrupulous.  Couples and families of all stripes face this struggle across the country.  Disruptions on the home front eventually make their way into other aspects of life, eventually impacting family and friends, the workplace, and every other facet of life.  In many cases, financial issues accompany addiction, as addicts lose their jobs and make dangerous and devastating decisions.  Rehab programs are expensive, and perhaps you’ve sunk some money into those as well.  It’s been arduous watching your spouse deteriorate, experiencing the sinking of your marriage.  It feels like conquering it is an unrealistic pipe dream.  What now?


You’ve made decisions.  You have given everything you can, to no avail.  You know that your survival depends on moving forward.  Can you and your spouse conquer this?  Experts advise life changes, treatment and developing coping strategies, but none of that has worked.  You hate to give up: everyone deserves support in difficult times.  But you’ve begun to feel like an enabler, and that’s not good for anyone.


You don’t need to be judged; you just need a fresh start.  At WiseLieberman, PLLC, our Boca Raton divorce lawyers can help you from start to finish with your divorce.  Contact us for a confidential consultation today.

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