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Holiday Divorce


It’s time for the holidays!  While for many that signals good times with loved ones, for others it’s simply a reminder of how miserable they are in their marriages. It’s no fun going to parties and seeing other doting couples, knowing that you really would rather not have anything to do with your spouse. So is now the time to cut the cord and file for divorce?

Struggling Couples 

In one survey, one in twelve individuals admitted to contemplating divorce during the holidays.  Women carry this burdensome thought at a rate even higher: one in eight respondents said they thought about ending their marriages.

Think Clearly 

So do you really want out?  Or are you simply feeling glum because everyone around you seems happier in their relationships than you are?  Divorce is a major step. Have you really done everything possible to sweeten your relationship?  It’s important that the glitz of the season doesn’t impair your ability to think rationally about your life.  Don’t make such a huge decision if you’re not certain this is what you want.

Should you Talk it Out? 

Is it possible to have a candid conversation with your spouse about your current dissatisfaction?  Is there any hope of saving this marriage?  If so, maybe spending the holidays together—with an honest understanding of where you both are emotionally—could help you to get grounded together.  Of course, if abuse is an issue, that’s another situation entirely, and you should do what you can to exit now. 

Do You Want the Holidays Associated with a Split? 

If you think divorce is right for you, is the holidays the right time to pursue it?  This is a question particularly relevant if there are kids in the mix.  Even if you can handle a future with every Christmas dinged by the memory of a split—can your kids?  It’s definitely worth thinking about.

Dealing with Guilt 

Even if you have very good reasons for wanting to get out of your marriages, chances are you are struggling with guilt over the very thought of a split. Now, more than ever, it seems cruel to leave your spouse.  Nevertheless, if the love has died, you deserve to have a better life—and so does your spouse, by the way.  So avoid any cringeworthy behaviors and simply make the best decision for you—regardless of what the calendar has to say about it.

Divorce Day 

Believe it or not, the Monday after New Year’s is known among many as Divorce Day. That’s because the number of divorce filings generally spikes during those first days in January, and remains high throughout the month. If you find yourself in need of a divorce attorney—whether it’s during or after the holidays, the Boca Raton divorce lawyers at WiseLieberman can help.  Contact our office for a confidential consultation today.



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