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Is A 50:50 Shared Custody Agreement In The Cards For You?


As a father, you may have concerns that your rights will be obliterated when it comes to custody issues in a Florida divorce.  But don’t despair!  The notion that mothers are entitled to full custody in a divorce is outdated!  Nowadays judges consider all kinds of issues when deliberating about child custody, and neither parent has the edge when requesting full custody.  When parents are both invested in the kids, in fact, 50:50 custody arrangements are entirely possible.

What are the Benefits? 

In many situations, Mom, Dad, and the kids all stand to benefit from this type of shared arrangement:

  • Both parents get more time to pursue a career or other interests, and are able to focus on the kids while feeling refreshed and well-rounded in their lives;
  • Both parents have the opportunity to interact with their kids on a regular basis, developing deeper connections, sharing a greater variety of experiences, and enjoying active participation in their kids’ lives;
  • Kids experience double the love, feedback, and role modeling, increasing their self-confidence, stability, and emotional welfare.

How to Make it Work 

When parents share custody equally, they are going to have to be willing to collaborate and make some decisions together. Studies show that kids thrive when both parents—along with step parents, when applicable– are committed to making it work out.  Some ideas that other families have relied on to make it work include:

  • Creating a calendar that respects everyone’s needs, honors routines, but flexes as necessary;
  • Encouraging kids to enjoy themselves as they leave to spend time with their other parent, and being genuinely enthusiastic in greeting kids when they return to your home;
  • Making a habit of catching up and reconnecting when kids return to your home;
  • Ensuring the kids have everything they need at both homes so they don’t wind up hauling ridiculous amounts of clothing and so forth to and fro with every change of residency;
  • Making sure kids feel a cohesive attachment to both homes by ensuring they participate in decision-making, developing traditions, and being responsible for chores in both places. 

Sometimes 50:50 isn’t a Good Idea 

There are, of course, some situations in which a 50:50 time-share arrangement would not be advisable:

  • If parents live so apart that it would result in excessive travel time for everyone involved on a daily or weekly basis;
  • If parents are so uncivil that they cannot commit to creating a system that works with limited conflicts;
  • If one parent is unfit due to problems with addiction, mental health issues, or abusive tendencies;
  • When one parent is involved in illegal activity that might endanger the child.

Best Outcomes for All 

If you believe your child would benefit from a 50:50 custody arrangement, let’s explore the possibilities. While it’s definitely easier to achieve when both parents are enthused with the idea, don’t discount the prospects if your former spouse is reluctant to give it a try.  At WiseLieberman our Boca Raton child custody attorneys are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for you and your child. Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.

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