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Is Divorce Impacted By Your Job Choice?


There are literally countless factors impacting marital satisfaction and divorce rates, which numerous studies can disclose.  For example, researchers have data relating to your age at the time you get married, the location of your home, your financial status, and even your parents’ marital status that all have an impact statistically on whether or not your marriage will survive. The amount of money you have, your race, and religion have all been studied in relation to marital satisfaction.  But what do studies tell us about education levels and specific professions?  We know that those in jobs that do not require a college education correlate to roughly double the divorce rate as for those in jobs with a four-year degree. What else can we learn?

Lowest Divorce Rates 

Coming in with the lowest divorce rate at just 17 percent are actuaries. In a close second place are scientists (19 percent) and in third are clergy (20 percent). Additional professions associated with low divorce rates include software developers, therapists, chemical engineers, optometrists, physical therapists, and doctors.  These professions have a combined average divorce rate of just under 22 percent.  Does the income associated with these professions have an impact? Likely, yes, with an average of $75,000 annually.

Highest Divorce Rates 

Gaming managers have the distinction of clocking in as the profession with the highest divorce rate at 53 percent.  They are followed by flight attendants, bartenders, machine workers, telemarketers, textile workers, and switchboard operators.  The median salary for these workers: just $35,000.

Gleaning Some Meaning from the Studies 

What is the bottom line from these studies?  Should singles looking for marriage steer clear of bartenders and stalk actuaries instead?  Are you putting your future at risk if you try to marry a telemarketer? Would college coeds looking for marital bliss spend more time in the science lab? Does one’s profession actually cause divorce?  To be clear, researchers have only pointed to a correlation between one’s chosen profession and divorce, not a causation. There are obviously many, many factors that impact marital satisfaction, profession and money being just a piece of the puzzle. Without question, lots of bartenders are happily married, and plenty of optometrists have failed marriages.

Worth Noting… 

One clear conclusion of the research is that job instability is linked to higher rates of divorce.  As opportunity declines, as workers face the stress of lay-offs, the compounding problems do impact relationships.

How Satisfying is Your Marriage? 

What’s the status of your marriage? Are you headed toward divorce?  Certainly, there are unique circumstances, demands, and rewards in every family.  If you believe your marriage is no longer tenable, regardless of your job, income, or other factors, the experienced Boca Raton divorce attorneys at WiseLieberman are here to help.  Contact us for a confidential consultation today.

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