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Lethal Divorce Errors


Facing divorce sometimes brings out our lesser selves.  In some cases, that means a snarling and vengeful iteration of self; in others, perhaps it looks like withdrawal and submission.  Whatever your go-to defense system, you’ll be best served in a divorce with a strong, trusted, local divorce attorney by your side. Making that single choice can help you to avoid bad decisions that could haunt you for a long time.

  • Rolling Over: Feeling depressed and unable to engage in a serious discussion makes some people just give up and hand over everything their spouse wants in a divorce. Not only could you wind up losing all kinds of property, your custody and support agreement could be one-sided.  Someday, you will likely regret putting your spouse in control of your future.
  • Speeding Through it: If there was a dramatic precipitating moment leading to the decision to split, if you take things too quickly you may not have time to properly negotiate the best possible deal.
  • Attempting to Hide Assets: You may not want your ex to get their hands on certain assets, but you simply may have no choice, because all marital assets are subject to division under Florida law.  It’s likely those assets will ultimately be discovered, and the judge will surely not be pleased with your financial hanky-panky.
  • Making Custody Assumptions: Don’t just assume that Mom gets physical custody and Dad gets every other weekend. Custody arrangements of all sorts are common these days, including 50:50 time sharing and physical custody going to Dad.
  • Making the Kids Choose Sides: You may be entitled to angry feelings, but please don’t burden your kids with those emotions!  Research abounds heralding the benefits of kids having healthy, positive relationships with both parents. Don’t put them in the middle of your battles or talk smack about your ex.
  • Spying on your Ex to get Dirt on Them: It’s over, so let it be done. Don’t waste your money by hiring a private eye, and certainly do not stalk your ex to see what they’re up to. Snooping of any kind is not a good idea, and, in some cases, could be illegal.
  • Trying to Get Revenge: Again, it’s over, so let it be over.  You have nothing to gain by staking out extreme positions in a divorce in order to make your former spouse suffer.  Honestly, it’ll just rack up higher legal bills and bitter feelings.

Getting it Right 

The Boca Raton divorce lawyers at WiseLieberman understand how difficult this time can be.  We will handle your divorce with professionalism and grace, always with an eye toward the best possible outcomes for you.  Schedule a confidential consultation today.



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