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Surviving The Six Divorces


Every year in this country about a million couples find themselves in the throes of divorce. If you find yourself in their company, you may find yourself reeling in response to facets of divorce that you weren’t entirely prepared for.  Some professionals purport that there are actually six divorces that befall couples in any split—and they warn some people are much more prone to negative impacts by the particulars than others.

Legal Divorce 

As you move through the legal proceedings that come with any divorce, you may feel overwhelmed. But remember, you do have the ability to direct the outcomes with the help of your attorney. Sure, there will be some legal documents and perhaps even some daunting moments, but remember, plenty of people survive the legal process, and so will you!

Emotional Divorce 

Even if you are completely confident in your decision to divorce, you may find yourself experiencing emotions that take you by surprise.  You may have moments of anger, disappointment, confusion, rejection, and elation on back-to-back days.

Economic Divorce 

Of course, you knew beforehand– on an intellectual level– that property and assets would be divided up. But experiencing the reality of your new financial situation may, in fact, be sobering. Will you have to get a new, or a second job? Will you have to make big sacrifices to your quality of life because of financial limits? There could be some difficult choices.

Community Divorce 

You may be losing some close in-laws, not to mention friends. But did it occur to you that your entire neighborhood may be changing? The neighborhood coffee shop where they knew your order when you walked in the door may become a thing of the past for you. But hang in there: new connections are ahead!

Psychological Divorce 

No longer being half of a couple and trading that in for an entirely independent life might be both emboldening and terrifying. You won’t have a spouse to pick up the slack in terms of household responsibilities, errands, or simply having dinnertime conversation.

Healthy Adaptation to Your New Reality 

How can you approach the break with a healthy outlook?  Consider these signs of healthy coping:

  1. Accepting that these changes are really happening;
  2. Parting with old anger and resentment;
  3. Conceding that there were both good and bad times in the marriage;
  4. Arriving at a quiet, peaceful relationship with your ex;
  5. Being realistic about the ways in which you contributed to the breakdown of the marriage;
  6. Creating new contacts and supports to help move forward;
  7. Developing and working toward new goals.

The Legal Support You Deserve 

Getting through the divorce process is different for everyone.  Rest assured that with the dedicated Boca Raton divorce attorneys at WiseLieberman you will have the legal counsel you need to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. Schedule a confidential consultation in our Boca Raton office today.

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