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Understanding Florida’s High Divorce Rate


Florida is third in the nation when it comes to the divorce rate.  You’d think with the sunshine and beaches, fun parks and recreation, people would be happier and stay together.  So why are so many people splitting up here in the Sunshine State?

Possible Reasons for Florida’s High Divorce Rate 

Without question, there are many issues that factor into marriage stability, and it’s impossible to really understand the exact causes of every single Florida divorce.  That being said, a few generalizations can be made that may clarify Florida’s startling divorce ranking:

  • On a scale of 1-25, Florida ranked 13 for stress level. There’s no question that stress can ruin any possibility of marital happiness and success under certain circumstances. That same study listed financial insecurity and high crime rates as contributing factors to that high level of stress.
  • Speaking of stress, Florida is known as a place that couples relocate to in order to get a fresh start. People sometimes believe that the blue skies and Pacific breezes will soothe what ails their relationships.  Unfortunately, all too often their problems come right along with them, and they ultimately divorce despite, not because of, all that Florida has to offer.
  • Another factor worth considering is the fact that Florida has a very large immigrant population. Many individuals, while escaping a difficult life in their homelands, find themselves having to start over with few resources, social support, or networking opportunities.  Those difficulties certainly might contribute to stress levels and marital discord.
  • In some marriages, one partner or the other senses a lack of commitment, often demonstrated through infidelity. More cheaters live in Florida cities than in other cities across the country according to a married dating website.  The city with the most adultery? Orlando. It seems the convention and trade show business provide plenty of opportunities for after hour fraternization!
  • Domestic Violence is often listed as a reason for divorce, and in Florida, domestic violence is a big problem. Over 100,000 such crimes were reported in 2019 alone, with over 60 percent of them resulting in arrests. Without question, there are many more cases we never hear about, some of which lead to divorce.
  • Finally, there is a huge retirement community here in the Sunshine State. Retirees are living longer than ever these days, which means they have more time to think about whether or not their marriage is providing them with what they really want and need.  When the answer is no, they may see themselves as willing and able to break out of a bad marriage in order to enjoy their golden years alone or with someone new.

Get the Help you Need 

If you are considering divorce, regardless of the reason, having a dedicated and assertive attorney by your side is a good idea.  At WiseLieberman our experienced Boca Raton divorce lawyers are committed to working for the best possible outcomes for you.  Contact us in our office for a confidential consultation today.



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