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What Does The Pandemic Have To do With Divorce?


Across the globe, divorce has spiked during the pandemic.  Initially, a lot of the stress seemed to be tied to the lockdowns and increased time spent together irritating one another.  Spending so much time together in limited space became stressful for a lot of couples, particularly if the relationship had been a bit wobbly to start with.  Even newlyweds who’d married within the five months previous to the pandemic were looking for a way out of their marriages at increased rates.  Now that the pandemic is stretching into a third year, what stresses are headed to your marriage?

More Lockdowns Ahead? 

While leaders are doing everything they can to avoid more lockdowns, who knows what the future holds?  In particular, if schools wind up going virtual again, it could really put the pressure on families.  Not only would parents have the burden of guiding kids through schoolwork that they, themselves, don’t know how to do; many families would have to revamp their own work schedules in order to provide needed supervision for youngsters.  On top of that, study on top of study shows that adolescent depression and suicide spikes due to previous school shutdowns impacted even the most well-adjusted kids.  Families are going to have to figure out how to ameliorate stress levels for kids if it comes down to shuttered schools again. And previous lockdowns brought another problem to the forefront:  women handle a disproportionate share of the housework, which increases exponentially when the whole family is hanging out in the house day after day.

Mental Health Issues 

Kids aren’t the only ones suffering from depression due to changes in their activities and schedules.  Adults are dealing with job changes, reductions in income, and serious pride issues.  Anxiety, the cousin of depression, increases as people deal with change.  And if a loved one becomes seriously ill?  Anxiety can go off the charts, especially for those tasked with caring for a contagious family member, or for those who cannot visit sick loved ones due to COVID restrictions in hospitals, nursing homes and care centers.

It’s Tough on the Healthiest of Relationships 

Experts acknowledge that pandemic strain can be destructive to any couple, regardless of how long they’ve been together or how happy they’ve been.  That’s because established routines and patterns tend to provide a sense of comfort, and any disruption to the normal rhythm of life can be disconcerting. And when people don’t feel comfortable participating in social activities that serve as a tension release because they’re nervous about catching COVID, there’s nowhere to let loose except at home with family. Without question, coping with change and dealing with the unknown can bring out the worst in people.

Is Divorce the Answer? 

If the ongoing pandemic has shown you that you really don’t want to confront life’s challenges with your current partner, the experienced Boca Raton divorce attorneys at WiseLieberman can provide the legal guidance and support you need moving forward.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.



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