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When The Divorce Is Over With: Have A Divorce Shower!


So you finally signed off on the last of the documents related to your divorce, and you’re officially single again.  It feels great, except for a few creature discomforts—like when you’d really love to have a piece of toast with your scrambled eggs, but realize you no longer have a toaster.  Or when you price up new bath towels and a shower curtain and nearly croak at the essential expense associated with setting up your bathroom.  That feeling of being overwhelmed is creeping up again, right when you thought you had it beat.  But no worries—there are solutions to problems like these—number one among them: a divorce shower!

You’ve Never Heard of This? 

Okay, so you’ve heard of baby showers and wedding showers… but a divorce shower?  What is it?  Just like the name implies, it’s a party of sorts, focused on showering the recent divorcee with gifts!  It’s the perfect way for friends and family to show their support when a loved one has to start all over, often with nothing but a frying pan to their name.  And whether the divorcee is feeling lonely and miserable at this point, or happy as can be to be single again, it is a fantastic reason to be surrounded by people who care.

Get Exactly What You Want and Need 

One of the fun things about a divorce shower is that you can actually register for the specific items you need and want.  There are online registries that you can google and voila!  Party guests will know precisely what you’re hoping for, whether it’s new flatware or a set of camp chairs!

Themed Parties Can be Fun 

Experts suggest holding a party with a theme:  How about Taylor Swift’s We are Never Ever Getting Back Together to set the tone? Or maybe Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever might fit the bill.  For something even more spunky, consider Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive or Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Were Made for Walkin’. Whatever your theme, wherever you hold the gala—bar…living room…restaurant…park—just be prepared to let your hair down and let the love (and presents) roll in.

Isn’t This Sort of Tacky? 

While the idea is somewhat new, it really boils down to simply allowing loved ones to provide a lift—emotionally, mentally, and financially—something loved ones generally feel honored to do as you transition into a new life.  Whether the tone is mellow and reflective or a real head-banger, it’s an opportunity to get started on the right step.

Get That Divorce Finalized and Move On 

At WiseLieberman, our Boca Raton divorce attorneys may not have a hand in planning your divorce shower, but we sure know how to fight for the best possible outcomes in the divorce itself. To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.

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