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When You Realize You’ve Married Bridezilla


If it didn’t take long to realize that getting married was a massive mistake, you may be in search of a local divorce attorney.  While marital bliss seemed attainable at the time, as soon as the rose-colored glasses came off, it was clear that your blushing bride was nothing short of a Bridezilla, and it’s been a disaster ever since!

Bridezilla as Your Wife 

Some stories of Bridezilla behavior that scared other grooms away would be laughable if they weren’t so appalling!

  1. How about a bride who refused to let her soon-to-be stepdaughters be included in the wedding!
  2. After quitting her job to plan the wedding, one bride demanded her groom take on a second job in order to cover wedding costs.
  3. When certain family members who’d RSVP’d they would attend the wedding wound up not attending, one bride pledged to sue them for the cost of the meal they missed.
  4. One bride sent out announcements that they’d eloped in conjunction with an ask for $50 donations.
  5. One bride literally sold tickets to her wedding in order to make money and hold people accountable for attending.
  6. A bride told her best friend she couldn’t be in her line because her weight would throw off the wedding photographs.
  7. A bride who was given just a moderate discount on her hairdo by her maid-of-honor, a stylist,  threatened to kick the maid of honor out of the wedding line.
  8. When only she and the groom had umbrellas, one bride insisted the bridal party pose for photos in a rainstorm.
  9. After a bride’s uncle agreed to officiate the wedding, he had to cancel in order to arrange for his wife’s funeral, leading to feelings of, well, irritation for the bride, not sympathy.
  10. A bride was so annoyed with a bridesmaid’s gray hair that she couldn’t stop complaining about how her friend’s hair would detract from the beauty of the chosen dress.
  11. One bridezilla insisted her sister-in-law remove her insulin pump for the duration of the wedding.
  12. A bride whose sister was deaf and required interpreters refused to allow the interpreters to eat at the reception.
  13. One bride required guests to choose between contributing two hours of labor or $50 to the wedding.
  14. After a bridesmaid became pregnant prior to the wedding resulting in a change of dress size, she had to endure the bride’s wrath.
  15. One bride charged her bridesmaids double for their dresses without telling them in order to make money for the wedding.
  16. One bride was angry because the groomsmen and bridesmaids wore glasses, which would diminish her and the groom.

Escaping Your Bridezilla 

If you can relate to these, or have stories to top these, you may be in a hurry to get to single life again.  At WiseLieberman our experienced Boca Raton divorce attorneys can help.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.

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