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Why Choose Divorce Mediation?


While no divorce is particularly pleasant, some are definitely smoother than others.  If you are going to be pursuing a divorce from a partner with whom communication lines are decent and the two of you have enough respect for one another to put aside vengeful attacks and acrimony, perhaps a mediated divorce is the best option for you.  There are plenty of benefits to taking this route if couples can put aside their grievances and work toward a satisfactory outcome for both parties. 

Kids do Better

For couples with children, there is no greater benefit than the elimination of the adversarial climate in a highly conflicted divorce battle.  Instead of picking each other apart—which clearly has a negative impact on the psyche of the kids—a mediated divorce helps both parties to work toward a mutually beneficial outcome for all family members. Not only are the immediate outcomes more positive; your children get to see their parents working through challenging issues in a respectful and positive manner.  What a wonderful example you are setting!

You are in Charge

Mediation is all about understanding your legal situation so that you can make well-informed decisions that benefit all parties.  Mediators are trained to facilitate productive communication, minimizing encounters with the “blame game” and instead focusing on satisfying and fair outcomes.

It’s Cheaper

The financial pressure of paying for two households instead of one is bad enough without adding exorbitant divorce fees into the mix.  The cost of mediation is generally about one-tenth the cost of a typical divorce.  That means both parties save thousands of dollars.

It’s Faster 

Would you rather spend from nine months to as much as two years hammering out a settlement agreement, or wrap things up in two to four months?  That’s the average difference in the time it takes to resolve a divorce.

It’s More Private 

When you litigate a divorce in family court, the hearings are open and are all a part of the public record.  Mediation agreements, on the other hand, are confidential, as family matters should be. The Uniform Mediation Act protects your conversations and documents as confidential, except when you give the mediator permission to share them, or under what is called extraordinary circumstances.

Compliance Rates are Higher 

Couples who engage in mediation are significantly more likely to comply with the terms of the agreements, mainly because they, themselves, determined those terms, rather than having a judge list the requirements for both parties.

Let’s Get this Show on the Road 

If mediation sounds like a good option for you, the trained and experienced Boca Raton mediation lawyers at WiseLieberman can help.  To discuss your goals, schedule a confidential consultation today.

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