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Women Who Cheat and End Marriages


Women initiate three out of every four divorces in this country. Oftentimes infidelity is a part of the issue, and that is something worth exploring. If you’re reeling after hearing from your wife that she wants out of the marriage, it is possible that you didn’t understand exactly what was happening with her for some time. When it comes to women, infidelity and divorce, things tend to follow a pretty predictable pattern, and chances are you got caught up in it all without ever knowing what was happening.

Women’s Infidelity 

As the jilted husband, you are probably hurting right now, and don’t know where to turn. Part of that may be because discussing women’s sexual nature isn’t normally a part of polite conversation in our society. But perhaps gaining some insight into women and infidelity will help you move on. Women’s infidelity, in fact, is a fairly common problem, and the whole thing occurs through four distinct stages.

During stage one, about four years into a relationship, women experience a sense of something missing in their lives. Life is simply unsatisfying,  even though they look great on paper. Women tend to lose interest in sex with their husbands and come up with excuses to avoid it, which only makes them feel that there’s something wrong with themselves. But many women feel as if their husbands are holding them back, or at the very least, are not enhancing their lives anymore.

A reawakening of desire occurs during state two, but not within the marriage. Some women act on their feelings and others don’t, but either way, women tend to feel guilty about having even an emotional connection with someone else. They may attempt to pull closer to their husbands, eventually finding that things just don’t click in the marriage. That gives them the justifications to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

Stage Three often includes an affair and the contemplation of a split. Women may feel guilty that they are hurting their husbands but feel a powerful draw toward a new lover. Even if their husbands make efforts to improve the relationship, at this point women often feel a need to “find themselves.” They may or may not continue having an affair—but either way, they have discovered a new feeling of empowerment that they want to explore—without a husband tagging along.

The time of reckoning hits in stage four. Some women continue operating in their extramarital relationships while remaining married, while others choose one partner or the other. Women may experience guilt and regret at having caused such destruction in their families. Their husbands may be hurt or vengeful, and may have moved on to have their own affairs. At any rate, having a healthy marriage that meets the needs of each person may be worth fighting for, or it may be impossible at this point. If divorce is the route you choose, having an experienced divorce attorney on your side is essential for the best outcomes.

Fighting for You 

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