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Some Strange Divorces!


If you think you have to deal with some unusual situations in your Florida divorce, you can be glad that there’s always something stranger out there.  Some of the oddest divorce requirements –dare we say hilarious in some cases–we’ve heard of across the country include the following:

  • One woman divorced her spouse because he was too nice.   The unhappy wife said her husband told her he loved her too often.  That, in conjunction with his excellent cooking, which caused her to gain weight, was enough to make her call it quits.
  • When Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez wed, Lopez didn’t have to worry about Anthony’s former wife bashing her in any context. That’s because in their divorce agreement, in addition to the splitting of assets and sharing custody of the kids, Anthony required that his ex agree never to bad mouth Lopez.  Failing to live up to the agreement could lead to a costly lawsuit.
  • In Oklahoma, there’s a six month waiting period to remarry after a divorce. The only exceptions to the rule are if you choose to remarry your ex, or if your ex has died.  Even if you go to the effort of marrying out of state, you cannot live with your new spouse until the six month waiting period is over.
  • When a California woman shocked her husband of 25 years with a request for a divorce, it turned out that she’d won over a million bucks in a lottery and wanted it all for herself. As soon as the judge discovered she’d been trying to sneak out of the marriage with a bundle of cash, he awarded the entirety of the winnings to her husband in the divorce.
  • One man asked to divorce his bride after just a few days of marriage. The reason:  he saw her without her make-up, and believed he’d been deceived during their courtship.
  • When a California woman discovered that her spouse had voted for Trump in the election, she found she could no longer love or respect him. That was the end of the marriage.
  • After both people in a Brooklyn divorce case refused to part with the family home, a judge ordered that a wall be built splitting the living quarters in two.   She got the kitchen and he got the dining room, and they both got to keep their half of the house.
  • When the wife of a doctor was not properly grateful for the kidney he donated to save her life, he demanded the kidney be returned. Finding that option untenable to a judge, he instead requested $1.5 million in lieu of the kidney.  No word on how that turned out.

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