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Monthly Archives: September 2019


What Happens When You Spring a Prenup on Your Future Spouse at the Last Minute?

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

This is the type of scenario you might associate with a soap opera: A couple is facing their wedding day. Just before the ceremony begins, the groom presents the bride with a prenuptial agreement and insists she sign it. The bride feels blindsided but decides to sign the agreement and go through with the… Read More »

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What Happens When a Judge Fails to Follow the Rules Before Awarding Alimony in a Divorce Case?

By WiseLieberman, PLLC |

There are a series of steps a Florida court must take when deciding whether or not to award alimony as part of a divorce proceeding. There are actually several different types of alimony. For example, “permanent alimony” is permitted by law when the divorce case involves a “marriage of long duration” and the judge… Read More »

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